We offer support to families and help develop
health goals & an action plan based on what matters most to you and your family

We provide assistance and resources for things like:

Medical Care Resources

Food access & Nutrition Assistance

Transportation Assistance

Child Care Assistance

Mental Health Support



Health Equity Is Apart Of Everything We Do


Supporting underserved communities in overcoming barriers to improve their quality of life.

Our programs are intentionally built on advancing health equity as an outcome

Measuring What Matters:Through community and academic partnerships,
we prioritize following data to identity and address inequities.
We are focused on meaningful data that represents vulnerable
populations fairly and holistically in our work to move the needle.

Addressing Underlying Factors:
Health is impacted by multiple factors, not just medicine.
Social determinants like access to healthy food, affordable housing,
a stable environment, and quality education are important drivers of health.
We concentrate on these upstream factors as the key to sustainable, generational change.

Empowering Our Communities:We value everyone’s voice. Our programs take a grassroots approach,
targeting unique needs with unique solutions and offering ownership and action to
those in the communities we serve.

Collaborating For Impact:
We know that our ability to affect change grows as our network of trusted partners expands.
We rely on our partners’ expertise and connections in their own communities.
Through supportive synergistic relationships, we are able to reach further and provide more..

Client Testimonials

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A Program To Bring Health Equity For All

On September 27th, 2022 the Bread Of Life organization along with Quest Diagnostic's "Quest For Health Equity" announced that the Bread of Life, Inc. of Houston would be launching a new initiative called the Healthy Houston Collective. This new initiative will be supported by a $3.8 million dollars grant from Quest Diagnostic/Quest Health Equity in order to assist with combating healthy inequality with a goal of creating access to better health care for all Houstonians.

A Healthy Future For All

The press conference covered by Fox 26 news at the Bread Of Life, Inc. campus gives an insight in the impact that this new partnership between Quest and Bread Of Life will have on the Houston community in the next couple of years.
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For More Information On The Impact That This Initiative Will Make Check Out Our Fact Sheet:

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A Heart For The Community

Monica (CHW)

“I became a CHW because of the opportunity of helping others, I enjoy/love helping people in the community and just seeing a smile on their faces.”

Audrey (CHW)

“ I love being a CHW because I am dedicated to helping
our communities survive and build us up stronger, so the next generation is equipped with the tools and knowledge to be successful!”

Your Health Matters

“For far too many families, making ends meet is a struggle. As cost of living increases, it can be hard to manage even basic needs like housing, food, transportation, and child care. These stressors impact health, both short term and long term, more than anything else.The health system can be complicated and for many cannot meet all of their needs. Our goal is to be an advocate and a trusted partner, helping to connect you with the resources needed to achieve your best health."

We are here for you!
Dr. Sarah Simmons MD
Director of Health Outcomes