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As economic downtimes increased and unemployment became the norm for so many the number of people needing basic necessities such as food and shelter ballooned across the country. Houston based Bread of Life, Inc. founded by Rudy and Juanita Rasmus 21 years ago positioned itself to meet this rapidly growing demand despite a decline in funding from funding sources that the agency relied upon for support.

In 1992 the work began at the Bread of Life, Inc. with hot meals every week for those in need. Setting a foundation for charity, Tina Knowles brought her two daughters to help serve those same meals in the early days. Over the years that generosity led to the construction of two significant facilities that now bear the Knowles family name.

The Knowles-Roland Center is a multi-use facility, which houses hundreds of homeless men and women in the evening. A $7million, 43 unit apartment complex soon followed which also graces the name of Tina and Beyoncé. The Knowles -Temenos Place Apartments helps to move people exiting homelessness to self sufficiency and the warmth of a place they can call home.

With shortfalls in funding and an unceasing knock at the door for help, the Bread of Life, Inc. needed a new solution to hunger. Tina Knowles and Beyoncé provided that answer, the Miss A Meal Movement was born inspired by the simple premise that one person has the power to help many. It Only Takes One Plate!



One in six American families go hungry as a result of economic down times, underemployment, and unemployment.

According to a recent study, families struggling to keep food on the table have a food budget shortfall of $12.97 per week, per person. To fill the meal gap, $277 million is needed annually to ensure that every person has three meals a day.




The Miss A Meal Movement meets the needs of the HUNGRY!

Every day people like you and I simply decide to Miss A Meal and then donate the money that we would have spent on that meal to feed someone less fortunate.

The great thing about the Miss A Meal Movement is that it only takes $1.00 to provide a well balanced meal, so our seemingly small contributions can go a long way! Donations can be made online or via text message. Together everyone can help to ensure that families who are less fortunate don’t have to go without, and Miss A Meal. It Only Takes One Plate!



The Miss A Meal Movement is proud to welcome our newest International Beneficiaries Exile International and Falling Whistles. With your support we can continue to support domestic charities like the Bread of Life, Inc. and international causes for change.


The Bread of Life, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides solutions for the Hungry and Homeless serving 14,000 meals per month.

Through a Community Wide Food Fair and Senior Supplemental Food Program the Bread of Life distributes 9 tons of fresh food and produce every Wednesday.

On an annual basis it costs approximately $400,000 to operate the Food and Supportive service programs of the Bread of Life which include Food Programs, Medical Services, Job Development & Placement, Case Management, Recovery Groups, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Life Skills Training, The Culinary Art Program, and The Art Project Houston.

To Learn More About the Bread of Life, Inc. visit


Exile International exists to restore and empower war-affected children and former child soldiers through art therapy and rehabilitative care. By providing food security, direct care, and training of local leaders Exile International empowers survivors and caregivers in wounded communities of DR Congo and Uganda. Exile International helps to ensure that Africa’s next generation will be soldiers of peace rather than soldiers of war.

To Learn More About Exile International visit


Falling Whistles is a campaign for peace in the Congo. In 2008 founder Sean Carasso met five boys in eastern Congo that were incarcerated as prisoners of war. Former child-soldiers held in a military camp. The boys told the story of children sent to the frontlines being armed with only a whistle, tasked with drawing out the enemy. This story launched a simple response…Make Their Weapon Your Voice & Be a Whistleblower for Peace.

To Learn More About Falling Whistles visit


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Together we can make a difference one person at a time. Help us spread the word. Grab a plate or grab a napkin, whichever you like. Take your favorite condiment like Heinz Ketchup or French’s Mustard and write the phrase Miss A Meal. Be as creative as you can. Tweet the picture, Post it on Facebook, or Instagram the pic to your friends and help us turn this cause into a movement!



Phone: 713-659-3237 (attn: Pastor Rudy)


Today one in six Americans go hungry but together we can make a difference in the fight against hunger.

Help us provide a well balanced meal for someone in need with a donation.

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