Name Title Ph. 713.659.3237 Email
Rev. Dr. Simeon L. Queen Executive Director x4016 [email protected]/org
Pastor Yvette Tarrant Chief Financial Officer x4028 [email protected]
Pastor Tommie Burrell Pastor of Community Food Fairs & Volunteer Services x4030 [email protected]
Charles Williams,LCDC Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor [email protected]
Thelma Triplett,LPC Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]
Thaddeus Hall Client Manager [email protected]
Cheryl Stenson H.R. Director x4057 [email protected]
Gerald Slocum Chef/Trainer [email protected]

DayBreak Health Clinic
Dr. Joan Killen Nurse Practioner [email protected]
Dr. Hazel Heddings Volunteer Physician x4124 [email protected]
Rev. Dr. Simeon L. Queen Bingo Chairperson x4016 [email protected]
E. Jean Bailey Bingo Operator [email protected]
Pastor Tommie Burrel Bingo Operator [email protected]

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